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On 13 November 2015 NRAM plc and NRAM (No.1) Limited (“NRAM (No. 1)”), entered into an agreement (the “Agreement”) for the sale of (i) a portfolio of mortgage and other loan assets to Cerberus European Residential Holdings B.V. (the “Purchaser”) and (ii) the entire issued share capital of NRAM plc to Landmark Bidco Limited (the “Share Purchaser”). Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement the sale of the majority of the portfolio of mortgage and other loan assets to the Purchaser completed on 7 December 2015.

On 29 April 2016, an inter-company reorganisation was effected in respect of the NRAM plc and NRAM (No. 1) with the result that NRAM (No. 1) remains a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK Asset Resolution Limited (“UKAR”) whilst NRAM plc became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NRAM (No. 1).

Subsequently, on 30 April 2016, the assets and liabilities not subject to the sale to the Purchaser were transferred to NRAM (No. 1). As part of those steps NRAM plc was substituted by NRAM (No. 1) as the principal debtor under the £200,000,000 6.375% Notes Due 2 December 2019 issued under the US$25,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme.

The historic Stock Exchange announcements and financial results for NRAM plc can be found here.

The sale of the entire issued share capital of NRAM plc to the Share Purchaser completed on 5 May 2016. On 18 July 2016, NRAM (No.1) Limited was renamed NRAM Limited.

All Investor Relations enquires can be made by contacting:

Neil Vanham
Croft Road
BD16 2UA
Tel: 01274 806341

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