High Court Decision – NRAM Declaratory Proceedings
NRAM plc v McAdam & Hartley

10 Dec 2014

NRAM plc

We note the High Courts decision today in relation to the declaratory proceedings brought by NRAM plc.

NRAM plc previously disclosed that it had commenced declaratory proceedings in the High Court to determine whether customers who took out unsecured loans above the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) regulated cap of GBP 25,000 and that were written on CCA documentation are entitled to similar rights and remedies as those who took out loans that were regulated by the CCA.

The High Court has today declared that the defendants to the proceedings are contractually entitled to the rights and remedies applicable to a regulated agreement under the CCA in force from time to time so far as capable of being applied to a non-regulated agreement. Accordingly NRAM was in breach of its obligations by issuing the defendants with statements which do not comply with the requirements set out in section 77A of the CCA and by not re-crediting to them the interest or default sums paid by them during the period of non-compliance.

NRAM is considering the impact of the declaration on all customers who took out unsecured loans for over GBP 25,000 which were written on CCA documentation and is also taking legal advice on whether to appeal the decision. Based on the High Court ruling, NRAM will make an immediate provision for the current cost to remediate the customer accounts concerned which is approximately GBP 261m, plus associated costs. All future interest accruing on these accounts, which currently amounts to approximately GBP 3m per month, will also be provided against until resolution is achieved.

Richard Banks, Chief Executive Officer of UKAR, commented:

 “We brought this case to the High Court because we are determined to act in full accordance with the law and do the right thing for both customers and taxpayers. We are disappointed by the decision because no detriment has been suffered by customers. We are now considering the impact of the judgment and taking legal advice on whether to appeal. Customers do not need to act at this stage. If any redress becomes due, we will write to all those affected to advise on next steps.”

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UK Asset Resolution Limited (UKAR)

UKAR was established on 1 October 2010 to facilitate the orderly management of the closed mortgage books of both Bradford & Bingley (B&B) and NRAM to maximise value for taxpayers, while ensuring that both companies continue to treat customers fairly, deliver consistently high levels of service and support those customers facing financial difficulty. Further information about UKAR is available at www.ukar.co.uk.


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